Do you want to start noticing lustful, seductive glances and smiles from beautiful, hopeful women, who are wondering if YOU are going to come over and introduce yourself?

There's a myth flying around the dating/seduction scene that when it comes to dating and meeting beautiful women, your looks "don't really matter".

These "experts" claim that women "are not as visual as men" and point to that one and only study that supports their claim. (Hint: there's about half a dozen studies which say the exact opposite, but who cares about being objective).

And hey, I get it - it's good for the business, I mean it would be difficult to sell "Use this one magic technique and get any girl you want" if there's a fine print included that says "Works 1 in 1000 cases and only if you're already an attractive, desirable man".

So in the spirit of calling out "BS", let me say these two things upfront:

1) This is a sales page and I will try to convince you to work with me on improving your image

2) I won't bullshit you at any point. I expect you to be smart enough to realize that dressing sexy or getting attractive won't automatically get you any girl - that's just unrealistic and will never happen. If you can't accept that, we wouldn't be a good fit anyway. 

Do Your Looks Matter?

Yes, and very much so. But not in a way that you might suspect.

Being 6'3" white guy with smooth tanned skin, luscious black hair, the physique of a Greek God and a perfect face, of course helps. But realistically, most of us will never get there as my receding hairline keeps reminding me. Maybe you're shorter, maybe you like your beer a little too much and have a beer gut to show for it, maybe you have a skin condition or some other imperfection that you are dealing with.

I'm not saying this to be a downer, on the contrary, let me ease your mind - even though having "perfect looks" is an advantage (and a big one at that), you can have NONE OF IT and still be deemed as a physically attractive, sexy man!

I'm serious.

You see, what the "looks don't matter" crowd did get right is that as men, we don't need to be "pretty" to be sexy to beatiful women. It's not like there's something inherently attractive about being tall or having a great physique - it's the qualities that having those features communicate about you as a man: strength, dominance.

The good news is that you have a tool at your disposal with which you can re-create those qualities for yourself (and more). A tool that is fully in your control and is not dependant on having the winning ticket in the gene loterry.

That tool is YOUR IMAGE. How you choose to dress, groom and present yourself to the world.

Not only can we use clothes to help you look taller, leaner or more muscular, we can also tailor it to communicate other qualities, such as rebelliousness, being a sexual man, having success and just overall social savviness, qualities that are so attractive to women.

How do I know this?

Because I walked down this road, I've been on both sides of the spectrum: I was the nerdy "ugly" guy and now I am the man, that my ideal type of women find attractive:

And you know what?

Learning to dress sexy, to create a unique and attractive image for myself made ALL the difference in the world!

It was the difference between being a hardcase late bloomer, who held onto his "V-card" to an embarrassing age of ... (you can ask me this in private :) ) and getting random booty calls, women ASKING me to for my number and to go on dates, unsolicited messages on online dating sites/Tinder and more.

That's not to say that every woman tries to jump my bone the moment I leave the house (I promised I won't be bullshiting you), but when it comes to my ideal type of women, the ones that get my eyes burning with passion and blood boiling, attraction is no longer an issue, it's just there.

My Promise To You

But my bragging rights are irrelevent here. The question is, what can I offer to you.

So first let's address the elephant in the room - will you have the same results as I had after the consultation?

Probably not.

I've worked with clients, who can now boast even more impressive results with women than I have, like sleeping with the most beautiful woman he's ever been with (his "dream girl") that same weekend after applying the advice from the consultation, or getting makeouts with women 30 minutes after entering the venue.

And I've also worked with guys for whom results were a bit more subtle: getting more compliments, noticing being checked out by a lot more beautiful women, better match/response rate on online dating sites/apps.

Your results will probably fall somewhere between those sides of the spectrum (or, hey, maybe you'll become the new "most impressive case"!)

One thing is for certain,


On top of that:

  • You will be confident in your clothing choices because you know what looks sexy and what doesn’t, specifically on you. 
  • You will never again feel helpless or embarrassed in a clothing store or waste money on clothes that you shouldn't be wearing in the first place. 
  • But most importantly, you’ll have the confidence knowing that you look HOT and no woman is out of your league because of her looks.

I've spent close to a decade mastering and perfecting the art of dressing sexy as a man. After countless trials and errors, I am now able to help other men transform their image and significantly improve their results with women. I've worked with guys for whom it was the first step in improving their style and I've worked with men, who were already well-dressed, stylish and were looking for an extra edge, to take their image to the next level.

Darius Belejevas 

Founder of Sexy Style for Joe, author of "Nerdy To Sexy" and "The Wow! Factor"


Fill out the form below and let me know you're interested 

I will then send you a quick questionnaire to make sure that I'll be able to help you and so that we can tailor your new image to suit your unique situation: lifestyle, personal preferences, body type and will attract your ideal type of women.

Afterwards, I will ask you to send me as many photos of your current outfits and clothes you own as you can. Using those photos, we will determine which items in your wardrobe deserve to stay there (and we will use them to build your new image) and which ones are essentially your personal "cockblocks" and need to be removed from your wardrobe.

I will also give you suggestions on how you can improve certain outfits that you already rock succesfully.  

I will prepare your personal consultation in 4 days

Each consultation consists of the following parts:

  • "At First Glance" - based on the photos you send me, I will explain what first impression and assumptions your current image/outfits make: the good, the bad and the ugly. We'll keep the good, get rid of the bad and replace the ugly with the sexy.
  • "Style Critique" - In style critique I will go through all the photos you sent me and explain what you're doing right, what mistakes you're making and how we can quickly improve your current outfits
  • "Image Mastery" - image mastery is all about teaching you everything you need to know about maximizing your sex appeal in your unique situation. We'll discuss what types of clothes you should wear more often and what you should avoid. I'll also show you how you can tailor your image for different situations and, if needed, how you can improve your grooming skills.
  • "Your New Sexy Image" - the most valuable part of the consultation as I'll build you 4 - 5 outfits for different occassions that will suit your image, lifestyle, personality and will attract your type of women. 
  • Each outfit will also be accompanied by a "Variations" section, where I'll show you different big and small changes you can make to those outfits to even further adapt them to different situations (and based on personal preferences).  

After all is said and done, you'll have dozens of suitable outfits for every situation where you might want to meet beautiful women and you'll have a clear understanding of what clothes suit your desirable image, what looks flattering on you and what doesn't deserve space in your wardrobe.

Q&A And Unlimited E-mail Access To Me

I'm 100% committed to people I'm working with, especially when it comes to getting you results. This means that after I send you the consultation, we'll have an open Q&A and I will answer all and any questions you have from the consultation (or in general).

And even once we clear everything up and you're happy with the results, you'll still have e-mail access to me, which means that if a year from now you decide that you want to buy a new pair of shoes and are not sure what pair looks best and would work with your look - I have your back!


Now let me shut up for a moment and show you what the guys I've worked with have to say:

“When I started with Darius, I had worked a little bit on my style but it was mostly a haze. For the past year, I had been mostly working on cold approaching and neglecting the physical stuff. While cold approaching is very important, the physical and fashion side can’t be overlooked. After Darius suggested the clothes I buy, I was worried I might appear “gay” in the eyes of some men. While this may have happened a little bit, my success with women has skyrocketed. I feel like my style really markets who I am as a person which really connects with girls. Two things that make Darius unique are that he always responds to your questions very quickly. Another one is that he gives really detailed responses so it’s easier to fix your problems. I’m currently undergoing a physical transformation too thanks to Darius’ advice in the weight lifting and acne department and I can’t wait to see how my style changes with my new body. Thanks Darius and anyone who is reading this please get his services now. Another thing is people gripe about the price. This is worth far more than wasting your money on other stuff. Be creative and spend your money on something new and that will deliver you good value – Tyler”

“When I first stumbled upon the SexyStyleForJoe website, I was by no means an absolute beginner when it came to fashion and style. I knew stuff about how to choose fitting and well-cut clothes, I knew about matching colours and how to avoid cheap-quality clothing. I knew the basics, you could say. However, while I did look clean and neat, in no way did I look sexy. 

So, on my quest to turn myself in a sexier man, I soaked up a lot of the free content on the website and also came across the offer of a personal style consultation. Judging from Darius’ description it was the best way to turn yourself in a much sexier man in a relatively short amount of time, although, to be very honest, I thought a lot about whether this whole thing would really be worth 497$. I finally decided in favour of it. 

Oh boy, what a great decision! 

With the help of a questionnaire I told Darius my preferences regarding style, what my personality was like and what I intended to get out of it in regards to women. Four days later I then got my personal style consultation as a PDF, with each outfit I had sent him broken down in good and bad parts + his suggestions to improve each outfit. 

What I especially liked were these points: 

  • He didn’t just put together some generic “bad-boy”-outfits or gave advice like “yeah, just put on a blazer, chicks dig it”, rather, he used the information I gave him in the questionnaire earlier and constructed outfits keeping my personality in mind. 
  • When suggesting new looks and outfits, Darius incorporated pieces I already owned. This way, when going for a look, I didn’t have to buy an entire outfit from scratch and thus could save money. 
  • He immediately responded to all of my questions regarding the consultation in great detail and continues to do so even while I bombard him with questions (and will likely continue to do so). 
  • He’s an extremely cool dude to interact with (even though it may just be via e-mail). 

In conclusion, I did not regret spending the 497$. It IS an investment, but one very worth making. I now have quite a few outfits at hand that look incredibly sexy while still being congruent with my personality. And, what I personally deem to be even more important, with Darius’ help I have developed an eye for what looks sexy and what not, so that I now have the freedom to build many panties-dropping outfits on my own. :)

“As a fella who’s been actively working on his style for the last two years, I felt like a knew a thing or two about how to dress attractively. My results with the opposite sex showed it as well, but the big ‘BUT’ here is that I ultimately wasn’t sleeping or developing relationships with the QUALITY of woman I’d hoped for. 

Faintly, I knew this has to do with my style. I couldn’t place my finger on what it was exactly, but there was a nagging feeling that my presentation was off. 

When I stumbled upon Darius’ consultation offer, I knew right away that this was the type of guy that could dress me with just the presentation I wanted, and ultimately help me increase my results with the fairer sex that little bit further that I needed…but I thought to myself how expensive the consultation would be, and I had second thoughts. 

I mulled it over, but after some reassurance from his other testimonials, I decided to roll the dice on this cat – and I am SO glad that I did. 

As you might’ve already read, he sent me a questionnaire regarding who I am – my hobbies, the type of woman I wanted, age, height, everything. After filling this out and ironing out some other details, he handwrote a 20 page PDF that detailed a critique of my current outfits and suggestions of other outfits that I can use that are based around the questionnaire I filled out. 

I believe there are 3 things that made my personal consultation so incredible: 

1.) The money I saved from buying MORE outfits that didn’t convey my ideal image 

2.) His thoughts and suggestions about my style had to do with my specific body and personality 

3.) Darius’ authentic and genuine want to help me in any way possible – including the 30 days of questions of basically an AMA for anything style related 

As for the actual results I wanted in terms of quality of woman – after applying Darius’ tips, that NEXT WEEKEND I slept with my dream gal, for the first time ever. Go figure, huh? 

He has a recommendation from me to anyone who’s considering taking their style or appearance that next step. 


“The consultation was just amazing. Darius analyzed my outfits on an overall perspective and on a picture by picture basis. He suggested what I could buy with pics and links and what can I better use and/or mix on my own wardrobe. Result: today.. Well, I’m on a new revamped and improved look just by better mixing my clothes (received compliments to back up the “improved” part)! And that’s even before I will get back my jeans from the tailor and before I even start shopping for the new suggested stuff! Wholeheartedly recommended!”


  • 100% Satisfaction – if at any point during the consultation you don’t feel like it’s worth your money, just send me an e-mail and you’ll get a full refund, no questions asked.  
  • 100% Results – even if you loved the consultation, if for some reason you don't notice an improvement with women after applying the things you learned, just send me an e-mail and you’ll get a full refund.  
  • 100% Anonymity – I respect my clients privacy, so any pictures you send me, anything you write to me will stay just between you and me. (The testimonials and photos you see here on the page are from guys I worked with who volunteered to share their story and experiences)


The price of the consultation is 497$ and is paid via paypal once we start working together.


Because of the depth I go into with my personal consultations and the amount of time it takes to prepare them, I only take 3 - 4 clients per month.

So if you feel tired of getting the same old results as you always had and are ready to take your image to the next level 


Fill out the questionnaire below and let's talk.

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